MISS is the platform that celebrates women in the arts. Founded at the Architectural Association in 2013 by Mary Wang & Vere van Gool, MISS has since spread from architecture to all corners of the creative industry. MISS has produced numerous events, exhibitions, and publications, featuring guests from around the world, including Beatriz Colomina, Paola Antonelli, Ellen van Loon, Penny Martin and Eva Franch amongst others.

Julia + Zaha: Collaborations

"This unprecedented evening with Zaha Hadid & Julia Peyton-Jones will bring together two of the biggest female pioneers in the worlds of art and architecture to discuss their friendship, ongoing collaboration and future trajectory. With the help of objects and images from their personal archive, they will offer insights on the pivotal moments that have led them to where they are now. The conversation will follow an unique format designed by MISS."  -MISS Founders.